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In the News

Sheriff ‘s campaign kickoffSheriff’s deputies could patrol streets 

SF Tomorrow Endorses Sheriff Mirkarimi
Inmates joining One Billion Rising movement
Huff Post Interviews Sheriff about Obamacare for Inmates
SF jail considered a role model
Sheriff finalizes trans program, housing policy
Sheriff speaks to inmate
Behind the Scenes 2012
Sheriff on Medical Cannabis
Sheriff on Sanctuary Law
Western Addition Endorse Sheriff



● State Prison Chief, Jeffrey Beard, inspects San Francisco's jails: "Inside View of Model Jail County Jail is an Example for State," San Francisoc Examiner, October 3, 2014.

● Harvard's Kennedy School in 2015 honors San Francisco Sheriff Department’s Five Keys Charter High School for Innovation for inmate rehabilitation -- the only law enforcement agency selected nationally.


Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi … tackling real problems. Jails becoming psychiatric hospitals


● Standing up to Evictions causing homelessness

● Enforcing greater transparency and accountability in law enforcement

● Job training and Job placement for the formerly incarcerated

● Increased Treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues

● Saving taxpayer funds by helping SFPD with Station Transfer Units and San Francisco General Hospital runs 


Retain tradition: reelect the progressive, independent sheriff not beholden to cronyism, the political machine at city hall, or law enforcement special interests.


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